Sunday Chaos Results with Videos

Sunday saw the Capellans take planet Suzano from Saiph. This gained them an additional 10% discount on black market purchases. The best video from the campaign is TSA Jungle.  Map 5 has no available videos. Chaos resumes this Friday at 20:00 UTC. Drop by teamspeak to play.

Battle   296   Battle for Planet   Suzano
Capellan Commonality   attack   Suzano   from   Second Try
Planet defended by   Saiph Protectorate
Map 1   TC Snowblind – V06   them   Clan
Map 2   EmpreiaV01   us   Inner Sphere
[embedyt][/embedyt] (attackers)
Map 3   TSA Jungle   winner:   Inner Sphere
Map 4   TC AcidKOTH   winner:   Clan
[embedyt][/embedyt] (attackers)
Map 5   TC Lunacy – V1   winner:   Clan
No Video Available (will try to find one)

Planet is successfully   Captured. Planet belongs to Capellan Commonality