Friday Chaos Results Overturned with Videos

Friday Saiph attacked planet Hall. But Blakists had already targeted its neighboring planet Wasat. The Blakist leader could not be contacted in time to decide the Gambit situation. But both leaders later agreed to the Gambit so this campaign will be replaced. Best video is TC Dustbowl. Chaos resumes Friday.

This campaign will be replaced/superceded by the battle 298 gambit. Blakist leader was unreachable. Campaign results would stand had Blakists refused gambit but Saiph accepted.

Battle 298 Turn 39 Battle for Planet Hall
Saiph attack planet Hall from
Planet defended by Blakists
Map 1 TSA Frostbite – Stock winner: defenders

Map 2 TC Kagoshima – Stock winner: attackers

Map 3 TC Taiga – Stock winner: attackers

Map 4 TC Dustbowl – Stock winner: defenders
Map 5 TC Ring of Fire – V03 winner: attackers

Planet is successfully Captured. Planet belongs to Saiph Protectorate.