ThreeV3 Round Robin Second Weekend

Welcome back players,

It was wonderful to host your teams. Please consider attending a second weekend to finish the round robin. The event continues at 18:30 UTC on Saturday 21 November.

The eight teams that participated on Saturday 14 November are invited back to complete the round robin. Other teams and players are welcome to participate in exhibition rounds. Pilots may join open spots on the mercenary teams if space allows.

The additional weekend likely impacts player availability. Teams are welcome to substitute players. However, please retain your original team if possible.

Teams unable to resume will forfeit remaining matches by scores of 2-0.

The remaining four “rounds” will use the same map rotation. A new cbill rotation with more variety may be offered.

Rounds will be played in order until completed. Teams, referees, and streamers will know server assignments and opponents ahead of time. Referees will be assigned specific servers. Moving in a predictable and orderly fashion should improve the flow of the event. However, Please note wait times may increase as a result.

Striking (bans) will be done via in-game and Teamspeak server chat. This enables participation from team members. The process will otherwise remain the same.

Ammo does not cost extra. It is included in the mech or tank price.

The top 4 teams will be invited to participate in a traditional bracket. The date will either be Sunday November 22nd or Sunday November 29 at 18:30 UTC.

Thank you to everyone involved with the tournament. Here is to one more weekend of awesome games. Good luck to all teams in their quest for the championship.


ThreeV3 Tournament

We are back to deliver fast paced team battles in a new organized tournament this November 14 and 21st. C bills will be flowing within individuals limits as mechs rise and fall on the battlefield. Tech restrictions and bans will keep your strategies diverse. Visit fresh new arenas in the revised map rotation. Hire many repair technicians to deal with shorter ques between battles. Seeding and brackets need not slow you down with the new near round robin format. Conquer elite competition on your way to advancing to the championship bracket. Claim your path to glory on November 14. Secure your place in history on November 21.

Saturday November 14 18:30 UTC “Round Robin”

Saturday November 21 18:30 UTC Final 4 Teams Bracket

TeamSpeak server:

Optional Sign up Sheet

15 minute match time limits. Individual pilot cbill limits. IS v IS/ Clan v Clan tech tree on some maps. Standard accepted “Chaos” league rules will govern in game matches. 20 maps in curated pool. Simultaneous battles on multiple servers. Scoreboard tracks team progress and determines top four teams for championship weekend. Full teams and individual pilots are welcome. TeamSpeak is required. More details coming soon.