Chaos March 9th Anniversary August 5, 12, 19 and 20 18:30 UTC

Time for the return of the old event. Games start at 18:30 UTC:

Saturday 5 August

Saturday 12 August

Saturday 19 August

And a rare Sunday CM on 20 August.

Meet up to coordinate on voice comms at teamspeak server: W-R

Games will take place on the 12VR server network.

More detailed event info coming soon.

Got this far? Don’t forget about the rest of the 2023 event dates:

And that the sign up sheet is live for the annual ThreeV3 event on 4 and 11 November: Linky

2023 Rookie ThreeV3 Tournament 17 June 18:30 UTC

Interested in the annual ThreeV3 tournament but find it too intimidating to start? Want a chance to learn the ropes from veteran trainers? Need a slower and more laid back event to get your feet wet? But want to participate in a competitive event? This is the one for your. Up to four teams will participate in a single day and simplified ThreeV3 event on 17 June 17 at 18:30 utc. Each team will have a veteran pilot to teach, answer questions, and offer advice. The rest of the tournament format is the same as the usual event. Each team will play a best 2 of 3 battle against other teams in a single round robin format.

The meta will still involve picking limits but will be a smaller pool to speed things up. The maps will be listed below. There will be a scoreboard and live stream coverage. The entire event should take no more than four hours, hopefully closer to three. Two servers will be up for simultaneous matches. A championship round is not planned but can be held on team request. Players may sign up below as a single player or as a team. The tournament will be held even if we do not hit four teams. Please be sure to have teamspeak voice comms installed. A microphone is highly encouraged but not strictly required. Players of all skills levels are welcome to participate in the event. Plenty of room for veteran players.

What: up to 4 team rookie 3v3 event
When: Saturday 17 June 2023 18:30 UTC (1:30 central)
How: W-R (that is the actual address to connect) teamspeak server 3v3 Lobby Channel
Why: To try to lower the barrier for November event, have some fun, see some competition
Who: MWLL players with team speak that want to participate
Signup Sheet: Not required but helps me prepare

Scoreboard: To be added soon

Hello pilots! Looks like each team will have enough pilots to participate. Players seeking teams will be put on a team before the event. So do not worry about only having 2 players on the sign up sheet. Maps?
Dustbowl Arena

1 52 43 40
2 64 66 725 8
3 79 63
4 113 100 8
5 39 44 45

Those might change a bit before launch. Please make sure your team has teamspeak software installed.

Our voice server will be W-R . That is the address to put in: W-R

Join the Rookie ThreeV3 lobby or your team channel.

The scoreboard is up but still being worked on:
Those are not the official matchups yet.

Our game servers will be on the 12VR Network. Look for the password to be given out on teamspeak.

One of a few of our livestreams will be available on the Mek Master Youtube channel:

I am unsure if there will be announcers this time around.

The striking system will only be five options long to speed things up. More event details coming soon. Looking forward to seeing everybody this weekend.

2023 Mek Master Events

Another year another set of dates. Events will take place in MWLL, assuming the game is still in a playable state.

Voices comms: W-R TS. Backup server TS.

CM Ninth Anniversary Saturdays 5, 12, 19 August 18:30 UTC

Sunday 20 August 18:30 UTC

CM Autumn Saturday 30 September 18:30 UTC

CM Halloween Saturday 28 October 18:30 UTC

2023 ThreeV3 Saturdays 4, 11 November 18:00 UTC

MWLL 14 Anniversary Saturday 9, 16 December 18:30 UTC

Possible event dates below are not finalized:

3v3/5v5 Rookie Tournament Saturday June 10 OR Saturday June 17 18:30

CM Spring? Saturday April 22 OR Sunday April 23? 18:30

The rookie tournament I would like to hold but setting dates is tricky right now. A spring edition of CM sounds fun but is least likely to happen at this time.

Be sure to check events channels for the more regularly scheduled Merc Night events run by other event organizers.

December MWLL Events

Got a few small events ongoing this month. All take place on Saturdays at 18:30 UTC. Team coordination done on Teamspeak server Look for game server Chaos March. Find the password on teamspeak.

10 December 18:30 UTC Drops

17 December 18:30 UTC TC

13th MWLL Release Anniversary Holiday Office Party

24 December 18:30 Drops

31 December 18:30 Drops

Dec 10 Coverage

Mad Matt

Mek Master