November 4 and 11 ThreeV3 Tournament Signups Are Open

TL:DR Signups are optional but encouraged here: LINKY

Event is a week earlier this year. 18:00 UTC Saturday 4 and 11 November .

The format will be similar to the past events.

Format will be round robin.


1 TSA Jungle
2 TSA Glory
3 TSA Forsaken
4 TC NewAvalon
5 TSA Helsgate
6 TSA Carbon
7 TSA Clearcut


Cbiill Sets

1.    34    48    52

2.    49    44    45

3.   55    64    72

4.    45    55    101

5.    84    100    113

6.    77    88    94

7.    106    132    141


Cbills will be chosen by people other than duelist.

Striking system used to allow teams choice in a quick manner.

Best two of three fights determines winner in each round.

Challonge scoreboard keeps track of action. Winner determined at end of round robin or optional championship round.

Seeking four teams to ensure event viability. We are able to handle more teams with no issues.

I will be delegating some responsibility again this year to help focus on keeping event running smoothly.

Please spread the word to as many pilots as possible. This is the challenge every year getting notice to pilots.

Questions? Fire away at the usual places and I will do my best to answer them.