2022 ThreeV3 Weekend One MekMaster Coverage

Edited fights. Main viewpoint above with broll below.

2022 ThreeV3 FAQ

The progress of the event can be tracked on Challonge: https://challonge.com/2022ThreeV3

Round Robin

Map Pool


Cbill Pool
NumberSlot 1Slot 2Slot 3

Banning System:

Teams will choose the restrictions for the first match by striking in turns 1-2-2-1, until only one option remains.The map will be chosen first, and the striking process will be repeated for choosing a cbill restriction. Bans must be communicated in ingame public chat to ensure visibility, and so that they can be audited by event organizers. 

Teams can mutually agree on who gets first ban on maps and who gets first ban on cbills. If neither team has a preference, the team listed first in the challonge match item will get first ban on maps and the team listed second will get first ban on cbills. If both teams want the first ban on the same restriction, a referee will make a random determination via a coin flip.

As compensation for losing, maps and cbill restrictions for games two and three are chosen by the team that lost the previous game. However, the winning team gets to strike two restrictions of either type – two maps, two cbills, or one map and one cbill – and no map or cbill restriction may be played twice in a match. 

Teams ought to conduct the banning process in public game chat on the designated match server – this way, captains can confer with their teammates in voice chat during the ban process, and there is a written record of bans that organizers and both teams can review. Individual striking decisions should ideally be kept under a minute. If a team does not submit a strike in allchat two minutes after the prior ban, the other team can ban in their place. Players should be spawned in to ensure that their messages are visible (spectator messages aren’t always visible to all players). Ingame chat history can be viewed by pulling up the console with the ` key and scrolling with the PgUp and PgDn.

Sample Round Robin Scenario: 

Visualization here: https://gfycat.com/joyousserpentineant

The Kell Hounds are listed first, so they will play on Clan side ingame and get the first map ban. Maps are always banned first.

KH gets the first ban, deciding to strike Forsaken. GDL gets two bans, striking ForestValley and Clearcut. KH gets two bans, striking IceArena and Alshain. GDL gets the final ban, striking NewAvalon and thus choosing to play on Badlands.

GDL gets the first ban on Cbills, since KH got the first ban on maps. They ban set 4. KH gets two bans, striking sets 1 and 2. GDL gets two bans, striking 6 and 7. KH gets the final ban, striking set 3 and thus choosing to play the match with restriction set 5.

Match one is played on Badlands with Cbill set 5. KH wins. They are allowed to strike two restrictions of any kind for the next match. KH elects to strike Forsaken and Cbill set 3. 

GDL can pick any map and cbill set that has not been banned or already played. They choose NewAvalon and Cbill set 4.

GDL wins. They choose to expend both of their strikes for the next match on maps – Clearcut and ForestValley. KH choose to play the final match on IceArena with Cbill set 2. KH wins, thus winning the set 2-1.

Game Rules:

Teams play a best 2 of 3 maps with 20 minute time limits. Organizers will warn the combatants when five minutes remain. Chaos rules prevail when necessary. 

Dead men tell no tales. If a player’s asset is destroyed, they are not allowed to communicate with their teammates until the game is over.

Ammunition does not count against an asset’s cost; ammo is free.

Map 3 is not required to be played if the match result is determined. Each team plays every team that entered the tournament on time.

The ref may instruct teams to play a map 4 due to a tie or other issue. One team selects the map. The other selects cbill restriction. Contested results will be noted and reviewed after the event. 

A single BA pilot with 3 lives is the only way to use battle armor in the tournament. The cost is 34k. A hephasestus or goblin must be fielded to provide a spawn point. The BA does count as a carrying asset until match timer. But the BA may not respawn unless a teammate is alive in a goblin or hephaestus. BA may only be played once per round.

Tournament Organization:

Tournament Organizers are duelist and the ThreeV3 Council- DM any concerns to them on Teamspeak.

Team captains must report battle results to the referee (match official). Please also post your reports to the W-R Teamspeak global chat when your matches are completed.

A sample battle report: “Team X beat Team Y 2-1. Game 1 Jungle, Cbill Pool 1: Mcat Pr, Uler A, Rvn F, Team X win. Game 2 Glory, Pool 5: Demo B, Ares C, Cata F, Team Y win. Game 3  Frostbite, Pool 4: Ryo F, MKII P, Owns C, Team X win. Notes: duelist subbed in for Wild Horse on map 3.” The event organizers then update the Challonge scoreboard.

Best efforts will be made to keep teams playing at all times. Teams waiting may play an exhibition map, but must be ready to play the next round.

A team that drops out before the end forfeits remaining matches by 2-0 scores to their opponents. 

A referee will check drop lists before each battle to ensure the limits are obeyed. The matches will then commence until a team reaches two wins.The referee will certify the battle and pass the results along with the captain battle reports to the scorekeepers. Teams will then wait for their next opponent.

Player substitutions may happen so long as both team captains approve the move. The opposing team captain’s consent is not required if a team could not continue playing otherwise.

2022 ThreeV3 Announcement Promo Video

Getting closer to the events. CM this Saturday but ThreeV3 in a few weeks.

Interested? Here is the basic info:

Play in this tournament!

12 November 18:00 UTC

19 November 18:00 UTC

Teamspeak Server: W-R

Signups: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1F17t1EfdXn37hTJe90Hd225mfc_46ZqMG4lFupwaI7U/edit?usp=sharing

Livestreams scheduled here on Mekmaster. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCN38…

More info posted as it comes available here on the blog but also on the forums: https://discourse.mekmaster.com/t/2022-threev3-saturday-12-19-november-18-30-utc/395