2023 Mek Master Events

Another year another set of dates. Events will take place in MWLL, assuming the game is still in a playable state.

Voices comms: W-R TS. Backup server mekmaster.com TS.

CM Ninth Anniversary Saturdays 5, 12, 19 August 18:30 UTC

Sunday 20 August 18:30 UTC

CM Autumn Saturday 30 September 18:30 UTC

CM Halloween Saturday 28 October 18:30 UTC

2023 ThreeV3 Saturdays 4, 11 November 18:00 UTC

MWLL 14 Anniversary Saturday 9, 16 December 18:30 UTC

Possible event dates below are not finalized:

3v3/5v5 Rookie Tournament Saturday June 10 OR Saturday June 17 18:30

CM Spring? Saturday April 22 OR Sunday April 23? 18:30

The rookie tournament I would like to hold but setting dates is tricky right now. A spring edition of CM sounds fun but is least likely to happen at this time.

Be sure to check events channels for the more regularly scheduled Merc Night events run by other event organizers.