Solaris Areana and 2 Player Team Open Tournament

We are proud to announce the 2018 2 Player Team Open. Grab a partner and get ready for combat on Saturday June 30 and early July from 19:00 UTC until 0:00. Teams will fight in a best two of three to advance along the bracket. Battle on the diverse environments of TSA Helsgate, TSA Jungle, TSA Glory, TSA Vista, TC Breadbasket, and Sa Dogfight. Field any assets that spark your imagination. A simple weight restriction ranging from 60-140 tons keeps combat fair. No battle value or other Chaos March type rules to sorry about. Matches have a 15 minute time limit to keep combat moving along. Aerospace and VTOL matches may take place on Breadbasket.

Not in the mood for teamwork? Tired of losing matches due to other people? Want to hog all the glory? Sick of battle supervisors?We have you covered! Simply connect to a Solaris Arena server and start fragging away! Looking for some variety? Try your luck on the puretech, weight class restricted, aerospace, tank, or infantry Solaris servers! Results will be automatically recorded to the server log. Pilots that reach the top will be invited back for a special championship round later in the summer.

Look for the fireworks name on servers participating in the event.

Possibly battle servers with login info for each team captain to self administer battle – no supervisor required.