2v2 Preview for Champions Arena/2v2 June 30 18:00 UTC

Monday! A bit closer to the event. Here is a preview of the 2v2 portion:
CJF Jamuk and Chezzar vs Silvercraft and WR Gnomking
Battle 1 Helsgate 180 tons

Battle2 Helsgate 80 tons

Huntress, hopefully back up by then, will host the 2v2 and a solaris server.
People will be encouraged to play on 12VR SA and Funbocks Gamma as well. We’ll have event players take screenshots. If possible, I will work with server admins to request server log kills and deaths results after the event concludes.

Voice comms is needed for the 2v2. Planning on using teamspeak. But are there some pilots that would prefer discord?

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