ThreeV3 Update

Pilots! A week to go until the champion is crowned!

The bracket will be announced this weekend. Seeding will be randomized. Teams from the same unit will not play against one another in the first round.  The bracket will be hosted on Challonge. Here is the bracket from 2016:

SJ will provide a server from a data center to anchor the network. Three other players are hosting from home.  All servers are spread from east to west in North America so far. Other servers are welcome so long as they use this template:

Round one will feature the same maps and limits for each team. The ton limits will be 105, 150, 210, and 255. Round 1 and 2 will have a single map with a technology tree limit. The final round will have 2 such maps. Now here is the map rotation:

Map 1 TSA Helsgate 105 tons
Map 2 TSA ForestvalleyV2 160 tons
Map 3 TSA Glory IS Tech Only 210 tons
Map 4 TSA Jungle 255 tons
Map 5 TSA VIsta 255 tons

Round 2 Format

Map 1 TSA Jungle 255  tons Clan Tech Only
Map 2 TSA Glory 210 tons
Map 3 TSA Helsgate 160 tons
Map 4 TSA Vista 105 tons
Map 5 TSA Forestvalley 105 tons

Round 3 Format (8 teams? Final and third place game)

Map 1 TSA Forestvalley 160 tons
Map 2 TSA Jungle 210 tons
Map 3 TSA Vista 255 tons
Map 4 TSA Glory 210 tons IS Tech Only
Map 5 TSA Helsgate 255 tons Clan Tech Only

Thursday will feature teams that are ready to battle in the bracket. Teams not ready can come practice or challenge teams to battles outside the bracket. A special rotation of public maps will end the night with public games. Saturday is the main event.

The finalized bracket, streaming video information, and additional resources will be released in a future update.  Twelve teams are currently registered.

Teams are to arrive a bit before the 19:00 UTC Saturday start time on teamspeak server (also can use for setup information. The backup teamspeak is in case it is needed.