Solaris Arena Championship Sat 20 January Time TBD UTC

More info coming. Please help spread the word.

What: Solaris Arena bracket competition. Weight classes and specialist class. Score and kills are combined to determine placement after the battle. Open to all pilots. Voice comms optional.
When: Saturday 20 January Time TBD but late afternoon Europe into the evening
Where: Huntress Network Servers
Teamspeak (optional)
Why: Fun. Also want to find the best gladiators in MWLL.
Spots: Between 15-60. Advanced sign upt not requited.

Matches should take about 10-20 minutes per weight class. Matches will move from weight class to weight class on the same map without resetting. Overall match will last 45-60 minutes. Looking for feedback on match length. Combat will be seamless with no breaks until map is over.

Maps: Jungle, Helsgate, Vista, Coliseum, other
WIll there be specialist classes? Flying?
Yes. Flying on a separate map in a single round. At least one “specialist” 20 minute fight with either tanks, battle armor, artillery etc. Time may restrict us to one flying and one specialist battle. Not sure if either will be part of main bracket.

Hit me up with some feedback. Chaos March tested the bulk of the format last month. But looking for tweaks, comments, concerns before this thing starts.

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