New Chaos Event Start Time 18:00 UTC Come Early

Hello warriors. Change in MWLL takes a great deal of time. I have heard the requests to start the event earlier in the day so more of our European friends can stay for the entire event. The change is a big one. It will take many weeks before it becomes normal. But it will be good to get started early. So please take note, the event is permanently moving back to the 18:00 UTC start time. I will be there ready to go. But please be patient as getting to 8 pilots is necessary to begin. I am thinking about a new starter event to ease into the drops each weekend. But that is for another time. Please also note we might be skipping a weekend soon to make way for something – we will proably play a Friday night game in the next three weeks. Keep it tuned here for all the breaking news and updates. There is a meeting this Sunday at 17:00 UTC to the start period. Mostly some technical stuff to discuss. That is it for now. See everyone on teamspeak this Saturday and Sunday.