Friday 13 October Chaos Results and Videos

What is it about this planet? Friday Tikonov went after Almach for the fifth time in consecutive turns. At least they changed up the strategy. There are a few questions regarding the results of map one. Here are the videos and the results
from Chaos Friday Oct 13. Thanks to Leeko and Sxooter for covering most of the video records. Post will be updated later tonight with my videos . Next  fight is the big gambit Saturday and Sunday. 18:00 UTC start time.

Turn 41
Battle 30X Battle for Planet Almach
Tikonov Task Force attack Almach from Chesterton
Planet defended by Capellan Commonality
Map 1 TC Dune – V02 winner: Attackers (tikonov team may have unfair team balance)

Map 2 TSA Sandblasted – Stock winner: Defenders

Map 3 TC Altay – Stock winner: Attackers

Map 4 TC Paradise Lost – V07 winner: Attackers

Map 5 TSA Palisades – Stock winner: Defenders

Map 5 played with 5v5 minimal players due to internet issues.

Planet is successfully Captured. Planet belongs to Tikonov Task Force.
Results must be certified after campaign review.