Chaos Saturday Results and Videos

Saturday saw Tikonov battle the Capellans on capitol world Tikonov. Map 5 TC Urbanjungle is a pretty good video.

Turn 44 battle 1
Battle   310   Battle for Planet   Tikonov
Tikonov   attack   Tikonov   from   Almach
Planet defended by   Capellans
Map 1   TC Citytech – V02   winner:   Attackers
Map 2   TC Seaport – V05   winner:   Attackers
Map 3   TC Zoetermeer – V4.3.1   winner:   Defenders
Map 4   TSA New Roland – V2   winner:   Defenders
Map 5   TC Urban Jungle   winner:   Defenders

Planet is successfully defended. Planet belongs to Capellan Commonality.