Arena Championships Friday 19UTC and 7PM CST

The Championships are almost here! Please spread the word – everybody play Solaris Arena all day long on Friday 19 January! The servers called “Arena Championship” will be weight class restricted. So the “leader” will tell everyone use light medium heavy assault. Other than that play just like normal. Help out-take screenshots at the end of any solaris arena battle Friday and upload them here! Note if it was weight restricted or not.

Want to hangout on voice comms? Sure you can drop by the discords or teamspeak at but that is optional! Just play some solaris arena this friday!

Want to be the champion? Be sure to play in the servers called “Arena Championship”. The score will add up in the weight classes over time.

Specialty classes? Yes, but towards the end of each play session. Ground based stuff should be easy to organize. Flying- well we’ll try at least!

If all this goes well and is fun we’ll come back Saturday 28 and do it again… with a bracket! So, anyhow come play Solaris Areana – and try to be a champion if you dare – but let the fun begin!

19:00 UTC start for Europe. 1 hour break at the end. Then it starts up for North America at 07:00 Central (0:00 UTC). Players are welcome to play in both time slots if they desire.

A mix of 20 minute weight class specific maps with the occasional 60 minute map with assault for 15 minutes then down each weight class every 15 minutes.

IF there is a need for a password it will be 123. Take care and see everyone tomorrow!