2021 ThreeV3 Welcome Letter

Hello players!

    Welcome to the 2021 ThreeV3 tournament. I am duelist. On behalf of the entire volunteer staff we hope you enjoy your experience today. I want to walk through what to expect today. 

Server password is found in the teamspeak channels.

    Teamspeak will act as the home for your team. A dedicated team channel awaits. Please have all team members connect to that channel.

    The schedule for your team is available at https://challonge.com/2021ThreeV3

A Round Robin format has been selected for the battles. Your team will face every other team in the tournament. 

    Four servers, called ThreeV3 Arena 2-5,  are available for the games. Please see which station your team has been assigned. 

Each team will have a designated captain. This player will act as the leader. Responsibilities will include getting players ready, striking maps and limiters, and reporting match results.

    Please then proceed to send your captain to the assigned game server. Please use the in game chat to begin the map and cbill selection.

    Your captain will trade map strikes with your opponent. The first team to pick will be chosen by captain agreement or a virtual coin flip. There are seven maps available. 

    The first team will ban a single map. The other team will ban two maps. Then the first team bans two more maps. Finally, the second team bans one more map This results in a single map left to play for map one.

    The second team then bans a single cbill limiter. The first team then bans two more limits. The second team bans two more limits. The first team then bans a final cbill set.  This results in a single cbill limit left to play for map one.

    Your team then discusses strategy and forms a list of mechs or tanks to use for map 1. Please ensure your chosen assets fit inside the cbill limits. 

    Your team will then report into the assigned game server. The password will be available at the start of the event. The teams will spawn in and build their assets. The clan side will be the first team. The Inner Sphere side will be the second team. Please avoid spectating your opponent and spawn in right away. 

    The referee will then certify both teams are using correct assets and begin the match. The battle will last up to 20 minutes. The game will end when time expires or one team is defeated. 

    Please have your captain return to the banning channel before map 2. The team that won map one will ban two things. This can be two maps, two cbill sets, or a single map and a  cbill limit. The team that lost will select the map and cbill limit for map 2. Please note that maps and limits are only used once in a round. 

    Map 2 is then played. Map 3 is only played if both teams have a victory. The banning process is used a final time if a map 3 is played.

    Team captains are then asked to provide a basic report of the round. Something very simple is fine so long as it contains: the round result, mechs/tanks used, and the maps played. 

Please feel free to abbreviate asset names  and use the map and cbill set numbers.

A simple example:

Mercenary Team beat duelist Team 2-1. Maps: 1, 3, 5. Cbills: 1,6,2.  Mechs/Tanks Ryo F, Bushy E, Cata F. Huit E, Rav B, Mcat C. Atlas E, Sund A, Faf F. 

    The referee will certify the battle result, collect the battle reports, and report them. Your next battle will take place as soon as your opponent is ready. 

    Your team may play a single exhibition map if your next round opponent is delayed. The organizer will inform your captain of changes to your schedule.

Drop calculators will not be supplied this year. Please use the in game buy menus.

    Currently, there are up to 7 opponents ready to face your team.  The round robin will take place on Saturday 13 November and Saturday 20 November. 

The Championship round invites the top 2 teams to compete.  The Third Place Game invites third and fourth place teams to compete as well. Both matches will take place on Saturday 20 November at the end of the round robin.

A helpful list of frequently asked questions can be found in the event faq.


    Please contact any of the event staff should you have any questions or concerns. 

    In closing, I am grateful that your team has taken time to participate in the event. I know the team of volunteers that made today possible worked hard. I sincerely hope the event was worthy of your Saturday.