2021 ThreeV3 Tournament Announcement Rough Draft

ThreeV3 Tournament

The ThreeV3 tournament returns this November 14 and 21st. C bills limits and tech bans will keep your strategies diverse. Visit fresh new arenas in the revised map rotation. Hire many repair technicians to deal with shorter ques between battles. Seeding and brackets need not slow you down with the new round robin format. Conquer elite competition on your way to advancing to the championship bracket. Claim your path to glory on November 13. Secure your place in history on November 20.

Saturday November 13 18:30 UTC “Round Robin”

Saturday November 20 18:30 UTC “Round Robin”, Top 2 Championship, Third Place Game

TeamSpeak server: wr-clan.no-ip.org


Optional Sign up Sheet


15 minute match time limits. Individual pilot cbill limits. IS v IS/ Clan v Clan tech tree on some maps. Standard accepted “Chaos” league rules will govern in game matches. 20 maps in curated pool. Simultaneous battles on multiple servers. Scoreboard tracks team progress and determines two four teams for championship. Third place game for third and fourth place. Full teams and individual pilots are welcome. TeamSpeak is required. More details coming soon.