Awesome Chaos Video from Rookzero Channel

I found this nice video from Chaos March on Rookzero’s Youtube channel. There was a mini artillery piece we faced that you see off camera. Chaos “regular” resumes December 1. Chaos and Operation Viper worlds collide this coming weekend. 

Chaos Saturday Results and Videos

Saturday saw Tikonov battle the Capellans on capitol world Tikonov. Map 5 TC Urbanjungle is a pretty good video.

Turn 44 battle 1
Battle   310   Battle for Planet   Tikonov
Tikonov   attack   Tikonov   from   Almach
Planet defended by   Capellans
Map 1   TC Citytech – V02   winner:   Attackers
Map 2   TC Seaport – V05   winner:   Attackers
Map 3   TC Zoetermeer – V4.3.1   winner:   Defenders
Map 4   TSA New Roland – V2   winner:   Defenders
Map 5   TC Urban Jungle   winner:   Defenders

Planet is successfully defended. Planet belongs to Capellan Commonality.