June 17 18:30 UTC ThreeV3 Rookie Tournament

A small tournament with a focus on new player friendliness will be held on Saturday June 17 at 18:30 UTC. Up to four teams will participate in a round robin format best of 3. Regular 3v3 format and rules will apply. Each team will have a veteran assigned to help the newer players. There will be two servers available to allow simultaneous games. The event will scale down to the number of players that participate. Players may come with a team or as an individual pilot. Voice comms will take place on W-R (that is also the address) teamspeak. The primary ThreeV3 is scheduled for November 4 and 11. CM Ninth Anniversary will be held on Saturdays 5, 12, 19 August 18:30 UTC.

A sign up sheet is available. This helps with event planning.