How to Play Event

Saturdays and Sundays between 18:00 GMT – 01:00 GMT

Install for Mechwarrior Living Legends here

You can get Teamspeak 3 here

Connect to teamspeak server mwll.mekmaster.com

A mic is helpful but not required

You might be able to click this link to connect to it ts3server://mwll.mekmaster.com?port=9987

Starmap showcasing event status here

The Battlelog and related materials about Chaos March here

Chaos March is a weekly event hosted by the MWLL community, for the MWLL community.

Chaos March has:

  • A persistent campaign spanning  the whole Chaos March section of space
  • Four factions fighting for dominance
  • Stock maps and rare custom maps totalling more than 70 unique maps
  • Organized “drop” style pitched battles
  • Organized “Terrain Control” Battlefield-style matches

Every planet captured matters, be it for industrial manufacturing, c-bills gained from trade worlds, or insight into the enemy fleet by helping your spies gain control of strategically important worlds.

Each player or Clan is part of a faction, fighting for their own ends, control, and ultimately, dominance over the Chaos March.

“We thought the Clans were bad; the Chaos March is worse. Don’t look at me like I’m crazy for saying that- I’ve been there. I know. With the Clans, you know who your enemies are. You never know in the Chaos March. The enemy could be the one your employer says it is, or the folks you’re supposed to be protecting. Or even the guy whose contract you just signed. You never know.”   – From an interview with Cal Ecchardt, former lance commander of the Cold Steel Cowboys, a now-defunct mercenary unit, Outreach channel 2, March 3058.

– Will you be a forgotten casualty, or a living legend?

Event Videos

[embedyt] https://www.youtube.com/embed?listType=playlist&list=UUN38CxPzic6DOVaSbrKboTQ&layout=gallery[/embedyt]