Chaos Continuing Conquests Saturday Sunday 20:00 UTC

Chaos returns this Saturday and Sunday at 20:00 UTC with some unfinished business.

Blakists finish their defense against Capellans on planet Ruchbach. Map 6 TC Wildlands decides the planet.

Then Blakists finish their defense of Menkalinan against Saiph. Action pickups up on map 3 Desert or Map 4 Stonerose. Blakists lead 2-1 or tied 1-1.

The new campaigns pickup with Saiph Turn 47 later Saturday or Sunday. Tikonov is the backup team if we need more maps.

Chaos Friday returns next week around 22:00 UTC. Here is a calendar with all upcoming February events:  Linky

Faction leaders note new order forms and drop calcs should drop Saturday afternoon and evening.

Enjoy the long play of TC Altay as your video of the week.

February Events Schedule

Here is a calendar with most of the MWLL events this month.